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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Chinese Centre In Singapore

When choosing a Chinese First education SG, it is important to evaluate the needs of your child. This evaluation makes you to understand your child’s needs so that you look for them the right centre. Different tuition centres in Singapore offering Chinese cater for different needs. We have two categories of needs, namely: enrichment centres and regular exam passing centres. Enrichment centres are mainly concerned with providing learners with life skills such as creativity and articulation. In order for you to choose the best centre for your child, there are certain factors to keep into consideration. These are:

  • Have a list of such centres. It is important to search through internet and create a list offering Chinese tuition. It is important to compare such areas like pricing, what categories of skills they are offering and the calibre of their tutors. The large the list you have the better in determining which best centre to select.
  • Check testimonials by parents and other people about the centre. The testimonials help you to get the views of other parents about the specific tuition centre. You need to evaluate whether the views are positive or negative and arrive at a decision. Be keen on biased views though.
  • Spend within your budget. The tuition centre should not be abnormally expensive to the extent that you may not have enough resources to pay for your child’s tuition. The appropriate centre should be within your means.
  • Nearness to your home. The centre must not be very far from your home so that the child takes a lot time walking to and from the centre. It is important to remember that the centre needs to be near your home so that the child accesses it faster.
  • Class size. The teacher student ratio must be small so that your child gets personalized attention. If the tutor to student ratio is big, it means that your child will not get personalized attention to enable them overcome their challenges. The main reason for taking the child to this centre is to receive a personalized service so that they overcome the Chinese language challenges. If the teacher to student ratio is big you may not achieve your objective of personalized service.
  • Your child’s feedback. The feedback from your child will enable you to assess whether the centre is helpful or it is just wasting your child’s time. If the child displays a positive performance in Chinese language then know that the tuition centre is helping them. On the other hand negative feedback implies that the centre is not assisting them and then remove your chinese  language.