• Artists Collaborative Project

  • 09.Jan
  • Pierre Bismuth
  • Pierre Bismuth (b. 1963 in Neuilly-sur-Seine[1]) is a contemporary artist. Through efficient and often humorous gestures, Bismuth interrupts pre-established codes of reading the images and objects that pervade daily life, from headline stories in newspapers to magazine clippings from gentlemen’s magazines, to even the color of the walls.

    Link # 7
    Video on TV screen, carpets
    17 :50 [...]

  • 09.Jan
  • Michel de Broin
  • For more than ten years, Michel de Broin has been honing a trans-disciplinary art which calls systems and their articulation into question. Adopting a critical and playful attitude towards common objects and current ideas, he sets out to render visible, through richly profound metaphors and analogies, the forces at work in the movement of the [...]

  • 21.Oct
  • Do Ho Suh
  • Korean artist Do Ho Suh presents ‘Home within home‘ at Lehmann Maupin in New York. The series of sculptural works reflects Suh’s continued investigation of themes surrounding cultural displacement and the co-existence of cultural identities, along with the perception of our surroundings and how one is able to construct memory from a space.
    Designboom link.

  • BA 3D Lectures Ideas

  • 25.Nov
  • Mia Fernandes
  • BA 3d lecture

    Drawing doesn’t need language. Its about communication, experience and memories. Solidifying these things.
    Travelling lifestyle all her life – stimulating and comfortable for her.
    Makes a visual diary.
    Had a show with Anthony Gormley – that’s how abroad stuff came about.

    Check out Bermonsey Gallery.

    Collaborations with dance, sound, performance. A bridge to forming understanding.

    Mistakes are an opportunity. [...]

  • 14.Jan
  • Tavs Jorgensen
  • He is a trained potter, also combining glass. Based at Falmouth, teaches at RCA on the Ceramics and Glass course and also a research fellow of the Autonomatic project at Falmouth.
    ‘Craftsmanship in the digital age’ Craft combined with a digital toolset. Began as an apprentice 1986 in Denmark, four years with one potter, learning all [...]

  • 10.Dec
  • Simone ten Hompel
  • Link to her profile at London Met
    3D lecture this week by Simone ten Hompel. Very interesting and struck me as so craft based and having just been in the Mark Titchner lecture. To be honest it was difficult for me to engage with her as I felt so strongly that I agreed with the way [...]

  • Art Theory Artists BA Cluster Lectures Critical Framework Mind Theory

  • 04.Dec
  • Walter Benjamin & Marxism
  • BA Cluster lecture by Paul O’Kane
    Important Philosopher/Writer 1892-1940. Jewish, Marxist, German. Most important essay – ‘The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction.’
    Had fragmented interests and he was very interested in engaging in the world/history in a very immediate and personal way. (For example – instead of viewing Communism from afar and making [...]

  • 13.Nov
  • Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Art
  • by Melanie Gilligan
    Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Father of Psychoanalysis. He was a conservative art collector. Liked primitive art, wrote a text about Leonardo Da Vinci. Huge impact on popular culture, before him no/less ideas about what our subjectivity is. Process of thought from life affecting behaviour.Context, end of 19th century Vienna, decline of social structures in [...]


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  • How to….try and keep up with everything

    Thanks: Wal
    Iain Tait from PokeHI: What do you think about all the new trends and technologies that are popping up daily? How do you keep yourself in the look and how are you able to keep up with everything? Do you have any tips on how to filter the important stuff out?
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