Artists Need Massage Therapy After Long Studio Hours

How a good massage is able to heal your sore muscles

Getting a  especially if you have undergone strenuous and vigorous exercises are bound to make you feel good. It is also a way in which you can be able to help your muscles recover and reduce the pain as well. Many people including health professionals and athletes have chosen to make use of massages to ease inflammation, reduce the tightness of your muscles as well as to improve your blood flow. However, until this point, no one has been able to understand exactly how a massage is able to bring out all the benefits that it has. Researchers took the time to find out exactly what happens to your muscles when you get a skilled massage therapist to work on them.

The experiment that was carried out during the research required that they have a number of people exercise to a point in which they were completely exhausted. They also had to undergo a total of 5 incisions in the leg so that the researchers could be able to get some muscle tissue which could be used in the analysis. Even though it was a bit tough on the scientists, they were still able to find eleven young volunteers who were male.

When the study was carried out, it was found out that having vigorous exercises caused tiny bit of tears on the fibers of the muscles which mostly lead to the inflammation and immune reaction as the body starts to prepare on the repairing of the cells that are injured. The researchers went ahead to test both the injured and the uninjured muscles so that they could get a closer look and also get to understand how a massage would end up affecting both muscles.

When they finally came up with their findings, they found out  that a good massage was able to reduce the production of different compounds in the body better known as cytokines which play a very important role when it comes to inflammation. A massage was also able to stimulate the tiny powerhouse known as a mitochondrion that are inside the cells which normally convert glucose into the right amount of energy that is needed for cell repair and function. All this was able to prove that a massage was able to help your muscles adapt better to the demands that come with an increase in your exercise levels. 

In the long run, it was found that it would be better for you to schedule regular visits to get a massage compared to always taking powerful painkillers for the pain like aspirin. Also, people within the same family can also take the time to learn how to massage each other. This, in the long run, can be a highly cost-effective procedure. 

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